Are Your Tires Ready To Roll?

There are so many different parts to your car, truck or SUV that all need to work together to deliver safe and reliable performance. One of the most important parts of every vehicle is the tires. This is literally where the rubber meets the road and without good, solid tires you run the risk of an accident. Luckily the service center here at Perrysburg Auto Mall has all your tire needs covered.

There are a number of different services your tires may need to ensure optimal performance for many miles to come. The first of which is new tires. In general, tires will last roughly three to four years or about 15,000-miles. Many drivers in the Perrysburg area also have summer and winter tires which extend the life of each set. It is important to have tires that are in good shape with enough tread. The tires tread provides grip on the road. Summer tires are made from firmer rubber with shallow tread that are designed to provide maximum contact. While winter tires use softer rubber to better handle colder temperatures and have deep treads.

In addition to having proper tread depth it is also important to have your tires rotated from time to time. Having your tires rotated ensures even wear on the tread to maximize their longevity. Rotating your tires also results in smooth performance.

Give our service center a call today to schedule your tire maintenance appointment.

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